Mad Max: Fury Road – Black & Chrome edition

9.30pm Sat

Special Event

Directed by George Miller

Costume Party! Theme: Post-Apocalyptic

Ditching the vibrant colours of the 2015 cinema release, this black-and-white version is director George Miller’s preferred vision of his post-apocalyptic world, set chronologically between Mad Max and The Road Warrior.

Max joins a band of renegades fleeing across the wastelands, led by elite Imperator Furiosa. They’re hotly and viciously pursued by the warlord Immortan Joe and his ruthless followers.

I was struck by how much more iconic the images felt in black and white. More elemental, abstract and authentic.

George Miller

Deckchair Cinema

120 mins
Costume Party, Mad Max
Best Costume Design
The 88th Academy Awards