Tonality in Time & Space

6.00pm Fri

Art House

Exhibition opens 6pm, Fri 1 September.

Contemporary printmaker and sound artist Mats Undén’s solo exhibition explores how music and printmaking interact outside their traditional frameworks. When introducing music and dance into the creation of visual arts, when do we actually move from one discipline into the other? The exhibited works draw on a series of experimental dance-print performances in Darwin with dancers Bryn Wackett and Jenelle Saunders, and involves a new performance with dance, sound and large-scale printmaking. In partnership with DIFF2017, Undén will transform the screen room into an immersive experience of sound, light and projection to soothe your busy mind. The show opens Friday 1st September at 6pm, with a new large-scale performative print being created by the artist delivering live electronic noise, and invited dancer Bryn Wackett.


Darwin Visual Arts Association

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